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Therapetics Service Dogs of Oklahoma is non-profit agency working to enhance the lives of individuals living with physical
disabilities by providing them with highly trained service dogs. We are based in Tulsa but serve individuals across the
state of Oklahoma.

Therapetics was founded in 1992 and has since grown from a
small group of dedicated volunteers with a vision to an ADI
(Assistance Dogs International) certified organization with
22 puppies and dogs in training and appx. 9 trained

service dogs placed with partners annually.

We employ a staff of two, (a full-time
Executive Director and a full-time trainer), and
are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Therapetics relies heavily on private contributions
from individuals, area businesses, churches and civic
groups. We also receive grants from foundations and
corporations. In addition, we host several events
throughout the year that raise funds through
sponsorships and attendance.

Because of our sound financial management and
strong commitment to our vision and mission, only a
small percentage of our total resources goes
toward administration and fundraising, allowing us
to devote most all of our resources to the training
and placement of service dogs and supporting
service dog and client teams.

The generous support of our donors enables us
to place our highly trained service dogs with those
in need at no charge.
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