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All of this is made possible by the generosity of individuals
who believe in the value of a life lived independently.
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Imagine trying to pick up a dropped object from a wheelchair, navigate passage through a crowd, or balance one's self on a walker while carring a laundry basket. Therapetics service dogs work to make these and many other tasks easier.

Our special dogs are trained to perform nearly 100 tasks. For example, they can bring needed items such as a telephone, carry a
bag, pick up and return dropped items, open a door or empty a clothes
dryer. Our amazing dogs do this and more, on command and under all
types of conditions, both in public and in the home.

It takes two years and over $15,000 to train each service dog in
our program and despite the costs related to the care and training
of a service dog, Therapetics places these dogs with
individuals in need at no charge. Therapetics also provides support to
the client and service dog for the life of the partnership.